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Are you ready to lower the stress level in your home?

5 phrases to end even the most complicated argument

5 practical tips to help you know when to use them

WHY they work!

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Presented by Marcy Holder,
Certified Life-Breakthrough Coach

With a degree in Education, skills as a Life Coach, and boots-on-the-ground training as a mom of three, Marcy brings practical insight to challenging relationships with older kids.  

She knows the frustration of the same old argument on repeat and has seen these techniques work for clients and in her own home!

Restore peace
Reduce stress

Maintain composure
Communicate clearly

You know the drill.  Caught in a cycle. 
The same argument over and over while
issues remain unsolved.
Have you noticed that the longer the an intense conversation goes on, the more defensive your child becomes? They seem to be willing to go down with the ship, no matter the cost?

Like they've dug themselves in but don't have the tools to dig back out without admitting defeat.  They don't know it, but this isn't about winning or losing. it's about restoring connection and teaching them how to handle conflict. They value your approval more than you know, but they need space to consider what you've shared.  That doesn't mean that they'll always make a great decision.  It means you are laying the best possible foundation for an influential relationship.   

Respond with these proven statements.
Keep your calm.
Stop the arguing.
  • peace is possible!
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Your child needs you to teach them how to handle hard conversations. 

End an A
rgument Well
Build Trust
   Teach  Life Skills     Restore Connection



Coming soon...

Do your grownish kids push or destroy boundaries?

Have they walked away from your faith?

Are you grieving the family you thought you'd?

Do you need support but don't feel you can share with friends?


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