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December 5
12pm - 1pm (est)


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Marcy Holder
 Certified Life-Breakthrough Coach
Parenting Coach For Moms with Older Kids

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Have a Merry Christmas No Matter What!


Are you
the holidays ?

Braced for conflict with your older kid?

Worried their attitude will turn you into the Grinch?

Dreading the inevitable tension?


Does a Peaceful Christmas seem impossible?


What if you start
by giving yourself
the first gift.

Manage frustration before it manages you

Feel confident to set healthy boundaries

Stop walking on eggshells around your kids

Move past conflict 

Move toward meaningful connection

You can have a Peaceful Christmas in the very middle of attitudes, chaos, stress, and even anxiety.
Let me show you how!

Peaceful Christmas Workshop

  • Stop power struggles

  • Eliminate attitudes

  • Build trust

  • Laugh again

December 5 
12 pm-1 pm (est)

Join me on Zoom and let me teach you to Have A Merry Christmas No Matter What.

Shortly after purchase, you'll receive two emails. Please disregard the first email.  Workshop details and link are in the second email. 
Get ready for a powerful event on December 5.

Can't wait to see you there!

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Marcy Holder

Certified Life Breakthrough Coach
B. S. Education
Writer, Speaker, Coach
Proud Mom of 3

Hi, I'm Marcy

I help moms move forward as kids move out! 

I know what it feels like to wonder if my family would scatter and lose touch. I've driven away from a college campus and felt anxious that my child would never call home or ever want to be around me again. I've experienced conflict with my children that I feared was beyond repair.


My intentions were good.  I believed God could heal the brokenness in our family.  But because I was afraid of losing them, I hung on tighter.   I tried to manage their behavior and even their emotions.  And without meaning to, I made things worse.  

Guess what happened, though.  God DID heal the brokenness in our family but not until he started healing me first! (read how below)

Today, while our family is far from perfect,  I can tell you that when I shifted my focus from controlling my children to managing myself, I saw my kids begin to respect me and communicate more. It hasn't been easy but the relationships I have with them now are so worth the work.

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