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Build a bridge to your child.

Transform disappointment to joy

Convert conflict to connection

Communicate calmly and clearly

Manage and focus emotions

you are not alone!

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Coaching is different than counseling or therapy

Coaching looks forward

therapy looks back

Coaching builds

therapy deconstructs

Coaching creates vision

therapy examines old lenses


You've done everything you know to do

Ready to get to work?

Coaching will help you manage your emotions and make practical changes in the relationship with your child.

Moms have the challenging privilege of going first. When you grow, your relationship with your child will also change. A coach can help you see obstacles that keep you disconnected from your child.  As you learn to respond to them with honesty, grace and good boundaries, your child will learn to how to handle conflict without isolating, lashing out, or quitting. 

Disconnection from a child is painful.

Willing to change?

Coaching will help you accept the relationship as it is today, while maintaining hope for healing and restoration.

You can build connection that will allow you to speak life and hope into your child even if you never see eye to eye. 

It doesn't happen quickly, but it's possible!
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You can bridge the gap from conflict to connection.

Tired of arguing?

Coaching will give you tools to help you live at peace with your child no matter what!

Even if your child chooses not to embrace the relationship, you can learn to show them love and grace while maintaining your boundaries and convictions. 

"If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone."
Romans 12:18 


Has your child made hurtful accusations? 

This is a positive sign,
your child is trying 
to communicate with you.

Do you secretly dread interacting with your child? 

Learn how to create healthy
expectations and communicate
boundaries to your child without anger.

Are you stuck in a negative
mindset toward your child?

You can cultivate joy despite your disappointment and begin to see where God is working in your child's story.

Therapy can help you understand the past. 
Coaching builds a bridge to the future

If you're drained from constant conflict

If you're consumed by worry

If every interaction is a fight

If your child won't speak to you

If you're broken-hearted and ready to heal

If you're ready to build something new

Coaching will help you build a bridge to your child.

Ready to build something new?

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