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 Moms Don't Give Up

Your emotional and spiritual health 
can help build a bridge to your child's heart!
Are you an exhausted mom with a broken heart?  

Are you desperate to connect with your older teen or young adult? 






​Life is painful and isolating when our kids struggle.

But you're not alone! 

If you wonder what to do next, I can help!

Your choices and actions will
impact your child's life
even if they don't agree or won't listen!

Moms lead with their lives!

Manage Frustration * Release Guilt * Silence Shame
Address Grief * Face Conflict 

Set Boundaries * Restore Peace

God restores strength and confidence as you heal.

  • Love without condition

  • Connect without expectation of change

  • Let go of disappointment and resentment

  • Erase anger and unrealistic expectations

  • Embrace beauty in brokenness

This process takes time but
God is trustworthy!

He still works miracles!

Many are inside of us!


With emotions under control we can love and connect  
without compromising conviction.


let's work together!

Parenting brings us to our knees.  


Remember when they were babies and everyone told us  to 'just wait?'

We could have never known.....

I know you're exhausted.

I know you question yourself.

I definitely know you're ready to get back to normal.


But what if this difficult path leads to something better than normal? 


What if there's hope for something deeper and more authentic in your family?

I can't promise that your child will change direction and embrace the relationship.


But I can promise that God is faithful because I've lived it. I know that when moms heal from the inside out, families heal and generational curses and strongholds are broken off from future generations. 


You can abolish the cycle of chaos.

Begin to communicate with your child from a place of peace. 

Create the potential for healing and deeper connection.


Through your journey to heal from the inside out and become the kind of mom you've always wanted to be, God will fulfill his promise to be your Comforter, Protector, and Guide.


When moms lean into that truth, God restores hope even in the most difficult circumstances.  


Encouragement and ideas to help you build a bridge to your child! 

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It's hard to be a mom.
If no one's told you lately, you're doing a great job!   

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