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ONE Way to Teach Kids Responsibility

Candle and Plant on a Kitchen Counter

Here's the truth. I get it wrong all day long.

I shoot arrows of anger straight at their hearts.

I battle the voice of the enemy whispering “it’s all for nothing…”

“If only you would have….”

“See I told you so…”

But I keep showing up with the things God has taught me over the years because my failure then and now is exactly the point.

My story is one of family disintegration that seemed beyond repair.

It’s about deeply broken thinking



relationships and


Though many of the things I faced were outside of my control, the only option was for me to assume complete responsibility for challenges my children faced as a result of my brokenness.

Redemption can’t rest on a cracked foundation of blame.


the stories of God’s goodness hidden absolutely everywhere in

my life are endless.

His steady healing despite my deep flaws is constant.

His faithfulness to revive my strength when I’m ready to tap out is humbling.

If this is your story too….

If failure haunts you and fear taunts you and you’re afraid you’ll never have the family you’ve dreamed of….

Let me remind you of two things.

💕The perfect family in your mind is an illusion.

It’s ok that you dream of long talks and deep trust and one for all, all for one….

But perfection doesn’t exist in families no matter what your friends seem to have or the internet says.

And also…

💕The God who gave you this beautiful, flawed crew wants to transform your life.

⭐️ You’ll have to trade in some of your dreams.

⭐️ It won’t go the way you think.

⭐️ It’s not easy and doesn’t happen overnight.

But when moms get honest with themselves and offer the whole rubbled mess to God, he gets to work rebuilding us from the inside out.

And when moms are transformed,

kids can be too.

Psalm 27:13

What, what would have become of me] had I not believed that I would see the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living!

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