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Are you secretly dreading this Holiday season because life with your teen or young adult is all but miserable? Do you wish it could be like it used to be when they were little and full of joy?  Would you like to have the BEST Christmas possible no matter WHAT attitude your kid drags in?


Join me for a 1 hour workshop and let me help you have a Merry Christmas No Matter What!

This workshop is Live on Zoom.  You will receive a digital pdf after purchase 

we will meet Live on December 5 from 12-1 pm eastern.

🎄 Stay calm when things heat up
🎄 Set healthy boundaries with confidence
🎄 SHOW your family how to have a peaceful Christmas
🎄 Move away from conflict and toward meaningful connection


You can't control the people around you, but let me teach you keep your cool when everyone else is a hot mess.  This is the very BEST give you can give your family! 

Peaceful Little Christmas

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