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Does this sound familiar?

I can't
stop worrying!
My emotions
are all over
the place.
How do I
get past this?

I get it!

I know what it's like to feel stuck in overwhelming emotions.
I've rehearsed tragedy and lived in fear.
Add the transition of grownish kids to the mix and it's rough out there! 


You'll Learn

  • One powerful reason to stay calm when your kid struggles or flips out
  • How to cancel your fear and walk in love
  • What to do next and where to find hope again
Marcy is helping me see other viewpoints and learn new ways to communicate with my child.  I would recommend her workshops and coaching to any mom wanting a better relationship with her teen or young adult.
mom of 18 year old 

I really struggled with my daughter for about a year.
Marcy helped me see that I have the honor to walk
her through hard things.  We made it!
mom of 19 year ol

Marcy helped me to change my thinking which gave me courage. I know with God's help I'll see a victory!
grandma of 19 year ol


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Welcome to HopeWeek!

To Help Moms Move Forward
As Kids Move Out

3 Day Bootcamp


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